Advanced manufacturing service FATHOM + MCT announces AS9100 certification

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  Midwest Composite Technologies
Midwest Composite Technologies

  Advanced manufacturing service provider FATHOM + MCT (Midwest Composite Technologies) has been granted AS9100 Rev. D certification by the International Aerospace Quality Group.
  It comes four months after the two companies were merged together as a result of acquisitions in 2018 and 2019 by private equity firm CORE Industrial Partners (CORE). These acquisitions brought togethertwo manufacturing bureaus both operating additive and subtractive technologies but doing so in different geographies – Fathom on the West Coast in California and Washington and MCT in Wisconsin. With this latest development, FATHOM + MCT supplements its expertise and reach across the United States, with a greater standing in multiple vertical markets.
  Between Fathom and MCT, as well as the ICOMold injection moulding business bought out by MCT late last year, companies are able to leverage polymer and metal laser sintering, Fused Deposition Modelling, PolyJet, Stereolithography, Multi Jet Fusion, CNC machining and injection moulding technology for their prototyping and production needs. Being standardised against the Industrial Aerospace Quality Group’s AS9100 Rev. D certification, FATHOM + MCT will now be able to assure existing and potential customers in the aviation, space and defence sectors of the quality of their digital manufacturing capabilities.
  “Receiving certification to the AS9100D Aerospace standard is a testimony to the commitment the FATHOM + MCT organisation has made to provide world class quality of products and services to the internal and external customers,” commented Keith Hess, Quality Manager at FATHOM + MCT. “With this new certification, we will now be able to further our growth and support in the aerospace industry by leveraging our advanced capabilities to our existing and new customers.”
  “As we move into 2020, we are very excited to combine the strengths of MCT, FATHOM and ICOMold to one unique company that will now offer our customers the most impactful value proposition in the industry with unmatched expertise and capabilities.”

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