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  Welcome to the latest edition of our 3D printing jobs and career moves update for the additive manufacturing sector. If you are looking for a new position in the industry, we keep our 3D Printing job board updated with the latest positions. You can easily apply to any of the posted jobs after creating a free profile. If you are just about to enter the sector, we offer a guide on how to get a job in the 3D printing industry.
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  Read on for updates on career moves at AMT, Titomic, Dyndrite, BEAMIT and more.
  Graduate Engineer Trainee in CAD for ScheMatter CAD and Printing (OPC), in Mapusa, Goa, India
  India-based 3D printing solutions provider ScheMatter CAD is recruiting for a Graduate Trainee Engineer at its Mapusa headquarters. Having been founded in 2018, the company has built up a suite of additive manufacturing services that are designed to help customers navigate the printing process, from 3D modelling right through to the finished product. Now ScheMatter is hiring for a novice engineer, who will report to and be trained by, their assigned supervisor. The position will also involve assisting other engineers with projects, conducting research, and writing reports.
  Other responsibilities within the role include analyzing data, writing reports according to specifications and participating in meetings and other training initiatives. Coaching will be provided via shadowing senior staff members and asking them questions, as well as taking notes and sharing them with the site supervisor. The ideal candidate should be able to follow instructions, but also use their initiative and create original ideas, and be committed to growing and lifelong learning.
  Previous experience in a technical field would be an advantage, but a bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline is a must. Moreover, strong analytical and mathematical skills are essential for the role, as is the ability to communicate excellently in written and verbal English. The full job description for the role of Graduate Trainee Engineer at ScheMatter CAD can be found here.

India-based 3D printing services provider ScheMatter CAD is searching for a Graduate Engineer Trainee. Image via ScheMatter CAM.

  The latest appointments in additive manufacturing
  The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has revealed that its Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Tim Shinbara, was recently named a Congressional Fellow by theAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for 2020-2021.
  Shinbara brings valuable industry experience to the committee, and is now in a position to strategically advise AMT members about Public-Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities and other federal initiatives that advance their business. He has already begun serving in the office of Senator Marco Rubio and the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and is aiming to drive wider adoption of 3D printing technology within the manufacturing industry.
  “We congratulate Tim on this prestigious fellowship and believe that his work with the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship could not have come at a better time,” said Douglas K. Woods, President of AMT.
  “Pressure has been growing in the United States for better alignment between government initiatives and private sector industries deemed critical to national security. These include more emphasis on PPPs, support of small- to medium-sized manufacturing businesses through R&D tax credits and other incentives, and stronger advancement of technology in the manufacturing technology industry.”
  Titomic makes raft of changes to its leadership team
  Melbourne-based metal 3D printer provider Titomic has announced a number of changes within its senior leadership team recently. Firstly, following the retirement of Chairman Philip Vafiadis, the company has appointed Dag Stromme and Humphrey Nolan to its board of directors. Stromee will provide a strong understanding of financial markets based on nearly 30 years of experience in successful private ownership and leading European and global financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley amongst others.
  Nolan meanwhile, is a seasoned board member and CEO, with 30 years’ experience in driving strategic and operational change across industrial, logistics and distribution industries. He has held several senior positions within global logistics companies such as the P&O Group, and despite the appointment, he will continue in his roles as Chairman of both the Nolan Group and Tapex Group textile distribution companies.
  “We are delighted to have attracted to Titomic the calibre of Mr Stromme and Mr Nolan as new Directors,” said Jeff Lang, Founder and Interim Executive Chairman of Titomic. “Both have a proven record of implementing company growth with their extensive international experience working with emerging technologies and commercial strategy in global markets. They also bring deep corporate and technical skills to the Titomic Board that will be invaluable as we advance our global expansion.”

Titonic has made a number of changes to its leadership team in recent weeks. Photo via Titomic.

  Titomic has also appointed Dr Andreas Schwer, the former CEO of Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), as its new Chairman. Schwer boasts a 25-year career in the global defence, manufacturing, and aerospace industries, including founding SAMI in 2017, and leading it from greenfield operation to multibillion dollar company. Prior to his work at SAMI, he held several senior defence positions at both Rheinmetall International and Airbus, across their defence, space and helicopter divisions.

  “I am honoured to accept the role of Chairman at Titomic and loo

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