Six more join the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association

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The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) has announced Divergent Technologies as its latest Founding Member, with five more companies joining as Participating Members.

Nexa3D, the Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, Kurtz Ersa, TraneTechnologies and TeknaAdvancedMaterials have all agreed to participate in the association, which was launched to promote and research the sustainability benefits of additive manufacturing two years ago. With these latest additions, the AMGTA now has six Founding Members and 33 total participants.

Divergent Technologies has been a long-time user of 3D printing technologies to support its bid to replace traditional vehicle design and manufacture. Joining the AMGTA as a Founding Member, Divergent will serve alongside ExOne, QC Laboratories, Sintavia, Stratasys and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation to determine the strategic direction of the organisations, provide governance oversight and consider future research projects. The five joining as Participating Members will serve alongside the likes of 3D Systems, BASF, 6K, EOS, HP, GE Additive, SLM Solutions and materialise.

“I’m excited to officially welcome aboard Divergent Technologies, our new Founding Member, as well as each of our new Participating Member organisations,” commented AMGTA Executive Director Sherry Handel. “Our esteemed global trade consortium is wholeheartedly committed to supporting our mission and provides a solid foundation as we continue to grow and strategically invest in sustainability research projects in additive manufacturing. I look forward to working with each of our members as we expand the AMGTA as the key industry resource committed to advancing sustainability in the AM industry.”

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