Explore Stratasys'additive manufacturing masterclasses in their unique virtual e

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Transparent, full-colour 3D printed model. Stratasys Bordeaux

Transparent, full-colour 3D printed model.

Did you miss Formnext 2021 this year?

Explore Stratasys'additive manufacturing masterclasses in their unique virtual environment. Watch the experts on-demand now.

We invite you to visit our showrooms, from Factory to Engineering, Design, Dental Solutions and Medical Modelling, and explore the wide-ranging solutions that address a full product value chain and unlimited possibilities of additive manufacturing from prototyping to production. It will be a unique opportunity to discover innovative solutions for manufacturers looking for high levels of throughput, improved part quality, and larger parts.

Discover how our 3D printing technologies will enable you to create fast, detailed prototypes or how easily you can produce accurate models and achieve complex shapes with the widest variety of colours and materials in a single step for unbeatable efficiency. Have a closer look at the recently announced technologies that provide a genuine and much sought-after thrust for manufacturers seeking production-level throughput, increased part quality and larger part size.


Our on-demand section within the virtual environment will feature the news from Formnext as well as in-depth session on the very best additive manufacturing has to offer, covering subjects such as:

    Speeding up your product time-to-market
            Reducing waste with additive manufacturing
            Saving on tooling costs with on-demand 3D printing
            Overcoming supply chain challenges

The Stratasys Additive Manufacturing experts will be available for live chat on the platform during working hours; if you miss them, you can always leave a message and they will contact you during the next business day.

It’s time to Create Unlimited.

All this content is available for on demand in the virtual platform, with our interactive showrooms featuring the latest content on our solutions, printers and materials. Explore the virtual platform we created and go to the virtual auditorium to watch on demand video sessions.


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