Sygnis merges with MODE S.A and makes debut on stock exchange

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Sygnis - one of the longest-running Polish R&D additive manufacturing (AM) companies on the market - has announced its debut on the stock exchange after its merger with MODE S.A.

The deep-tech company which specialises in research and development projects in the field of AM technologies, is the first and only Polish additive R&D company on the stock exchange working on hardware projects ranging from energy production to nano and biotechnology.

In November last year, the National Court Register approved the merger of MODE S.A., who are listed on the NewConnect Stock Exchange, and Sygnis New Technologies and since then Sygnis have been present on the stock market.

Andrzej Burgs, CEO of Sygnis S.A, said: “Our interdisciplinary activities focus on innovative R&D projects in the areas of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Some of them are at a very advanced stage of development. We want to show investors the project’s potential, therefore in the coming weeks we will publish development plans for the next few years.”

Sygnis S.A. is made up of 3 main segments: New Technologies, Bio Technologies, and Nano Technologies.

New Technologies is the longest operating brand of the Sygnis Group. Its R&D team handles the development of proprietary machines operating in the field of additive technologies and the other team of experienced 3D printing specialists performs rapid prototyping services, creates advanced projects, and conducts tests of new materials for 3D printing. The Bio Technologies brand specialises in providing scientific equipment to the Polish market, with particular focus on live cell imaging and tissue engineering and their portfolio combines various techniques such as, 3D bioprinting, bio-patterning and 3D holotomographic imaging. Nano Technologies is the youngest segment,helpingto provide modern additive and analytical techniques in the areas of micro and nanotechnology.

After the merger of companies, the MODE360 brand hasn’t ceased its activities and is currently being incorporated into the structure of Sygnis S.A., becomingthe fourth segment of Sygnis S.A.

Sygnis S.A is currently working on several dozen projects, solving problems in the areas of new additive manufacturing, biotechnology, energy production and transportation and nanotechnology.

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