Prototal Damvig adopts Stratasys' Selective Absorption Technology

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Danish 3D printing service provider Prototal Damvig A/S has purchased a Stratasys H350 3D printing system to produce end-use load bearing parts.

The company made its investment in Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) via Protech, adding the powder bed technology to its existing Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling and PolyJet equipment.

Prototal Damvig’s customer base ranges from one-person companies to large ‘corporate powerhouses’ across robotics, drones and medical products. It expects to leverage the S350 system to produce load bearing parts like brackets and mould tools, as well as complex functional parts with moving hinges, gears and clips.

The H350 system was launched last year in line with Stratasys’ acquisition of Xaar3D. It works by using counter-rotating rollers to coat powder layers onto the print bed and prints absorber fluid to image the part layers. Layers are fused by an IR lamp that passes over the entire span of the print bed, with uniform thermal conditions to ensure part consistency for all build parts on the print tray promised. A High Yield PA 11 material is the first available powder for the H350, but Stratasys also recently announced a PA12material was on its way.

Since installing the H350, Prototal Damvig is said to have been impressed with the design flexibility, repeatability and production quality of the machine, while also enjoying the smooth surfaces, high ductility and high impact resistance that PA11 material can achieve. It also said that that renewable raw material that is used to make the PA11 was key for the company.

“The launch of the H350 3D printer has extended quantities using AM,” commented Susanne Damvig, CEO at Prototal Damvig. “It significantly improves our arsenal by also giving us the firepower to help our customers shorten their design-to-part cycles, decrease supply chain dependency and reduce their spare-part inventory.”

“We’ve seen 3D printing Evolve from a prototyping solution into a technology now deep rooted within manufacturing,” added Thomas Tnnensen, Sales Director, Nordic Group at Protech. “The H350 provides customers like Prototal Damvig with a new level of flexibility – whether that’s optimising existing production operations or opening up new business opportunities for volume production and customisation that were previously not possible.”

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