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Who We Are
Founded in 2013, we are aiming to shape the world by 3D printing technologies and to be the trusted source for everything about 3D printing. We focuses on information, news, educations, developments and insights in the industry. Now, becomes one of the well-known 3D printing voice in China.

  • >800,000 Active users and followers who are from different industries such as Additive Manufacturing, automotive, medical , aerospace , traditional manufacturing industry like metal processing, injection molding ,mold. Also, some of the followers are researchers from colleges, government and research institutes.
  • >100,000 Pageviews/day.
  • Covering 90% of 3D printing practitioners.
  • Launch the industrial insight —《Whitepaper: 3D Printing Market of China》every year. This annual publication contains nearly 1,000 Chinese  and >600 foreign 3D printing companieswhich has been downloaded >1,500,000 times.
  • Cooperate with the global leading 3D printing companies’ local departments in China closely, such as 3D SystemsStratasys、Formlabs、HP、GESLM Solutions、EOS、Renishaw、Envisiontec、Materialise、MarkForged、Desktop Metal etc.

What we can do
  • Report and spread your 3D printing technologies, products, applications and services to our users .It can quickly open up visibility in China, and find who needs it.
  • Provide multi-channel marketing solutions for you such as online advertisements, blogs, social media, etc. to help you gain brand awareness, drive marketing leads and explore more business in China.
  • Provide industrial consultant help you know more about Chinese 3D printing markets by providing customized consultants, marketing research and so on.
  • Find Chinese agents and partners who will help you in sales, investment, logistics and etc. in China.
  • Add your products to the “global 3D printers library” . It drives lots of actual and potential buyers who look for 3D printers, materials and related services.

Contact Us
· Located in:Beijing, China
· News platform:
· Global 3D printers library:
· Tel:+86 010-53350708


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